12 Days of Craftmas: Day 6 Christmas Star Decoration


It’s day six of our 12 Days of Craftmas!

So far we’ve written our letters to Santa, made our pom pom garland, decorated our Christmas cards, cut and stuck our paper chains and made sure Rudolph could be heard by adding his Christmas bell. I’m really excited to be doing today’s craft as it’s one of my favourites and so tactile. If you look at my video, you’ll see I’m wearing a star hair band so can you guess which craft we’re going to do today? Yes, that’s right, we’re going to decorate our ceramic Christmas star and make a tassel for it.

In your kits, you’ll find a clay star with ‘Christmas 2020’ stamped on it, some pieces of yarn and a tassel maker, designed exclusively by us here at Beagle HQ! What I love about this craft is the different textures of the various materials – the slightly porous but cool, smooth feel of the clay vs  the softness of the yarn.

For todays crafting you’ll need: something to decorate your clay star with such as crayons or paint and scissors. Check out my video on Instagram for a video guide. If you can’t access the video, check out the instructions below.

Your kits will include a clay star, yarn and a tassel winder.


  1. Carefully remove all pieces from the cellophane wrapper. Remember, our wrappers are made from potato starch to pop it into your food waste caddy or your compost heap.
  2. If you’d like, you can decorate your clay star using crayons, paints, pencils or even nail varnish!
  3. To make your tassel, take your tassel winder and your longest piece of yarn. Thread one end of the yarn through the notch at the bottom of the tassel winder.
  4. Gently wind your yarn around the winder until you reach the end of the yarn. Thread the other end through the notch at the bottom.
  5. Thread one of the shorter pieces of yarn through the middle of the winder, in the middle of yarn. Tie a knot at the top of the winder, pulling all the yarn together.
  6. Carefully cut the yarn at the bottom of the winder, as you would a pom pom and remove your tassel from the winder.
  7. Taking a second piece of yarn, tie a knot tightly around the tassel, about 1.5cm below your first. I think it looks a bit like a yarn doll!
  8. Cut the loose ends of your tassel so they’re all even. Or leave them different lengths if you’d like!
  9. Use the yarn at the top of your tassel to attach it to the bottom of your clay star.
  10. And finally, thread the last piece of yarn through the top of your star. Tie a knot to make a loop.
  11. When you’re finished, gently hang your beautifully made Star on your Christmas tree.
  12. Take a photo and make sure you use the hashtag #12daysofcraftmas so I can see your makes!

12 Days of Craftmas boxes

It’s not too late to buy your 12 Days of Craftmas kit. Simply order via Etsy or direct from Beagle HQ and we’ll aim to ship it to you ASAP. Please note, our last shipping date is 16th December and due to ongoing Coronavirus issues, the post office is slightly slower than we’d like at the moment so allow extra time for your delivery to arrive.

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