12 Days of Craftmas: Day 2 Pom Pom Garland

It’s day two of our 12 Days of Craftmas!

Did you finish your letters to Santa? Ours are going in the post today.

I had planned to make our Christmas cards today but I’ve spent the day making cat Christmas cards, dog Christmas cards, rainbow Christmas cards and these beautiful reindeer Christmas cards, featuring the gorgeous design by @Matt.ClarkHellery.

So, I’m a little carded out. I’ve also had a couple of messages asking how to use the pom pom kit so I thought it might be fun to make our garlands today.

Pom poms are super easy to make and a lot of fun. Once you’ve made a few, you can try out different combinations or cut them into fun shapes.

For today’s crafting you’ll need:  your pom pom kit and some scissors (ask a grown up if you need help!). Check out my video on Instagram for a video guide. If you can’t access the video, check out the instructions below.

Your pom pom kit includes yarn to make 9 pop poms, glittery stars, red and white cotton to string your garland and a pom pom winder.


Pom poms are really easy to make so lets work on it together!

  1. Take your pom pom winder. You’ll notice there’s a small ‘notch’ on one side.
  2. Unwrap your red yarn. Pop the shorter length of yarn to one side as you’ll need it in a minute.
  3. Put one end of the longer length of yarn through the ‘notch’ on your pom pom winder then loosely wind your yarn around the winder until you reach the end. You can pop the end through the notch to hold it in place.
  4. Take your shorter piece of yarn and thread it through the middle of the pom pom winder. Tie a knot around the yarn. I like to turn the winder over and tie another knot on the other side.
  5. Using sharp scissors, cut along the top of the pom pom, keeping your scissors next to the winder. Repeat on the other side.
  6. Remove your pom pom from the winder. I like to give them a little shake to fluff them out.
  7. Taking your scissors, cut any straggling pieces of yarn. The pieces you cut off can be used as stuffing in toy making or donated to certain charity shops. Repeat with all your yarn.
  8. Next, take your red and white cotton. You can tie your pom poms on, then thread a glittery star on. Continue until you’ve used all your pom poms and glittery stars.
  9. Hang up your beautiful garland.
  10. Take a photo and make sure you use the hashtag #12daysofcraftmas so I can see your makes!

I had one supporter come up with the very clever idea of making a pom pom, then threading the star on, tying the end and using them to decorate the Christmas tree.

If you don’t want to make a garland, you can turn your pom poms into stunning Christmas tree decorations

12 Days of Craftmas boxes

It’s not too late to buy your 12 Days of Craftmas kit. Simply order via Etsy or direct from Beagle HQ and we’ll aim to ship it to you ASAP. Please note, our last shipping date is 16th December and due to ongoing Coronavirus issues, the post office is slightly slower than we’d like at the moment so allow extra time for your delivery to arrive.

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