100 Days Project: Week 1 Round Up

100 Days Project: Week 1 Round Up

I came across the 100 Day Project on Instagram. It sounds simple enough - choose a creative project and then do it daily for 100 days. I've been struggling a little with motivation over the last few months so I though I would give it a go. 

Photo a small amigurumi creatures made by G Clark Hellery

I've had a loooooong list of amigurumi critters I've wanted to make so I thought now might be a good time to get on with it. Last summer, the mini-human and I had researched local myths and legends so I knew where to start - with a mermaid that was pulled from the River Exe in 1823. I've crocheted mermaids before but never one so small. I knew I wanted it to be small enough for the mini-human to carry but also wanted to get the proportions right. I also wanted it to be a relatively quick make. Well, what do you think? I'm very critical of my own work so feel her top is one row too low (have amended the pattern for next time!) and I need to use more embroidery floss when stitching her eyes but other than that, I think she's cute and fun. 

Tiny amigurumi mermaid by G Clark Hellery

The next creature I wanted to make was a unicorn. I think we all love unicorns, don't we? The mini-human had drawn an adorable chunky one so that was what I used for inspiration. She had included three small hearts on the unicorns bottoms but even with my smallest hook, I couldn't make make tiny hearts so I went for one made with a 2mm hook. Not too much I would change if I were to make another, but I would sew the legs slightly differently.

Amigurumi unicorn by G Clark Hellery

I've never read H.P Lovecraft's work but have been interested in the idea of Cthulhu, one of his most famous monsters so I knew I needed to make my own version. I really adore him! 

Amigurumi of cthulhu by G Clark Hellery

We've been all about monsters here at Beagle HQ and recently introduced the mini-human to the Hotel Transylvania franchise. They're fun movies and we've been enjoying them. We really laughed at the kraken in the second movie, and I've always loved octopus so decided to try and make one. There are a lot of images when you search 'kraken' so I based my design on an octopus I was lucky enough to see while scuba diving. I initially tried to crochet with thin wire so that I would be able to shape the tentacles but for some reason it proved too tricky. I left out the wire so was happy to still be able to move and shape the octopus' tentacles. Doesn't he look cute?

Amigurumi octopus by G Clark Hellery

Gobbolino the Witch's Cat by Ursula Moray Williams was one of my favourite books when I was younger and I loved reading it to the mini-human. Gobbolino's adventures as he tried to find his place are wonderful and we would definitely recommend the book. I've still to sew on his eyes because I couldn't remember what colour they are in the book but otherwise I was really pleased how he turned out. Have you read about Gobbolino? Which of his adventures was your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

Amigurumi of black cat by G Clark Hellery

On my 'to make' list are the original monsters from the Universal movies. I bought some on DVD and really enjoyed the Wolf Man and Dracula. However, I wanted to make a mummy because Ancient Egypt has always fascinated me. Significantly less scary than the one played by Boris Karloff in the 1932 Mummy movie, he's super cute and I'll be making more to turn into key charms. I liked the slightly 'unravelled' look for my mummy friend, but the mini human thought his bandages should be sewn on. What do you think?

Amigurumi mummy by G Clark Hellery

When I was looking in to local myths and legends, one which kept popping up was about will o' the wisps. These ghost lights have appeared all over the UK but seem most prevalent in Scotland and even featured heavily in the movie 2012 'Brave'. I really enjoyed the challenge of creating a 'ghost' and spent far too long trying to decide whether it should have eyes or not. I went with no eyes but feel it looks like a blue peanut so I will get some small beads to give it glittery eyes I think and I'll experiment more with rounder bodies. Have you ever seen a will o' the wisp?

Amigurumi will o' the wisp by G Clark Hellery

So that's all my creations for Week One of the 100 Day Project. I'm already excited as to how my collection is growing and it's fun to look at different myths and legends. My plan for Week 2 is to make predominantly creatures from the UK but there are so many amazing mythical creatures who knows who I'll make? 

Will you be taking part in the 100 Days Project? Let me know in the comments what you're project is about and be sure to follow me on Instagram for more updates.

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