100 Days of Happiness: Day Two

Today was filled with lots of little ‘happies’. The toddler and I went for a walk and even though we were late to meet friends, we made sure we took time to kick up the leaves. She also Tok her favourite toy with her, a Stief bear which she’s had since she was born. He’s normally tucked up in bed so think he enjoyed the trip out as well. The pup made me laugh as she was perched on the sofa. She’s such a princess that she won’t sit on just one sofa cushion any more, but will frequently pull the back cushion down as well, plus she evidently needed an extra cushion as well! Such a spoiled dog! Hubby bought me a tea caddy as I love my loose leaf Earl Grey from Brew Tea Co so I’m hoping our tea cupboard will be a little tidier. And my final bit of happy was discovering a new series of ‘Tumbleleaf’ on Amazon. Not going to lie, hubby and I enjoy this show just as much as the toddler and he was a little grumpy to discover the toddler and I had started watching the latest series without him! 

What’s made you happy today?

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