Meet the Maker: Organised

Hahaha me, organised? I can hear so many people laughing at that. Seriously though, the main way I organise the assorted voices in my head is through different notebooks. Here are two of my favourites, which contain my notes for ‘The Vampires Bodyguard’ and ‘Chasing Dragons’. They’re two writing projects […]

Meet the Maker: Goals

So today we’re looking at goals. This is a slightly challenging topic to discuss, especially when your creative endeavours are so varied, and ever changing. When I bought my sewing machine, my aim was to make unique items for my daughter and I to wear. I’ve reached this goal (and […]

Meet the Maker: Packaging

We keep it simple here at @bluebeaglebaby Books or craft gifts are normally wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with one of our labels (see Meet the Maker: Brand Image) but for this special order, I made a reusable, upcycled cloth gift wrap. It really added to the gift and […]

Meet the Maker: Milestone

If I’m honest, I never really expected much when I started writing. I mean, hubby had always read and enjoyed my work but having other people read and enjoy? It still seems odd and unreal. However, it was a milestone to get ‘Akane: Last of the Orions‘ in print and […]

Meet the Maker: Recent Make

I’ve recently discovered felting! I’m not sure what it is, but stabbing something multiple times is highly therapeutic 😉 I took a short class at the recent Crafts 4 Crafters show and made an adorable little lamb and frankly, I’ve been a little obsessed ever since! I’ve completed this set […]

Meet the Maker: Close Up

You’ve already been treated to a close up of my felting work so I thought I’d show you a close up of the cover for ‘Akane: Last of the Orions‘. I told you redfacedmonkey added depth of colour and detail to his work! Simply gorgeous and truly captures the feel […]